Monday, January 14, 2013

Optimizing Your Use of the New Frequencies on the Planet

by Grace Cooley
Psychic, Medium, Ghost-Whisperer 

More info from the non-physical ones! Join us in the basement meeting room of Mugs Coffee Lounge (261 S. College Ave.) - the one downtown - corner of Olive and College Ave., Fort Collins, CO at 6:30p until 8:30p on Friday, Feb. 15th for an informational channeling about how to adapt to, use and optimize your use of the new frequencies on the Planet. 
There will be an informational channeling, a short meditation/visualization followed by a Q&A session. Bring questions of all sorts: personal or cosmic. All questions are welcome! 

Expect to receive energetic gifts /upgrades /recalibrations during this event! It always happens! :) Since the peak of the Earth Shift that occurred around December 21, 2012, you may have noticed that, energetically anyway, things are different.  The concept of time is changing, the wait time between thought and manifestation is shorter (sometimes almost instant!), etc. We will bring through information to assist you in learning how to use the new frequencies; they are very different from the old frequencies. 

Personally, I am noticing that I need to be even more conscious of and careful with my thoughts. I am also noticing that the time between when I know I should be doing something and when I do it has to be less. I used to procrastinate when I'd get messages from the non-physicals (just b/c I am so bloody stubborn), but I am finding that if I don't take action very quickly, things get can get very weird very fast. :)

I am told that this is the optimum time to get rid of your negative stuff - old grudges, past pain and sorrow, anger you are holding on to, etc. They are wanting to see humans get very clear and ready for the energy coming later in the year. They are wanting to instruct us about how to get clear and use the new energy that is here specifically for our use.

I will be channeling 'Team Grace', as usual, which consists of but is not limited to: Abraham, Kryon, the Pleadians, the Sirians, the Octurians, the Crop Circle Dudes, the Orions, ArchAngel Zadkiel, your Guides, my Guides, etc. :)

Love offerings accepted but not required. Just come and enjoy the most excellent energy that will be available for your healing. :)

If you want answers but are too shy to ask them out loud, come anyway, b/c they will always answer your questions in some fashion, even when not asked out loud.  :)

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