Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learn How to Channel and Manifest Consciously

I hear from people all the time who are having difficulty manifesting the life and things they want.  They are working hard; they meditate, they visualize.  They can't understand what is wrong - why they have been praying, meditating and visualizing for years about specific areas of their life without seeing the results they want. They call me wanting a reading, so I can tell them how to get what they want and when that will, hopefully, happen.

Everyone knows about the Law of Attraction - you get from the Multiverse what you put out to the Multiverse. What most people don't understand is that everyone emits their own, signature, unconscious frequency at all times. And according to the Law of Attraction, the Universe responds to give you more of whatever you are broadcasting. But what if you are broadcasting unconscious frequencies/beliefs that are sabotaging your life/manifestations?

Do you have areas in your life about which you are frustrated? Areas that you have been trying to clean up for a long time? It could be that you are holding unconscious beliefs related to those areas, so that those unconscious beliefs are being broadcast as part of your signature frequency. And if you are broadcasting those negative beliefs, that is exactly what the Multiverse is going to give back to you.

We will explore ways to discover, heal and change those unconscious beliefs, so that you are no longer emitting those unconscious, possibly detrimental, frequencies and so that those frustrating areas of your life can finally change. We will be exploring techniques to heal yourself, your animals, other people. We will be learning how to channel on a daily basis - for the healing of the Planet and everything on, around and in it.

 This 5-part series covers the basics of channeling - be that energy and Light for healing, past lives or those on the other side.

We will also cover information about the shift the Earth is currently going through that will reach its peak on 12/21/12 - and how to manifest the life you really want using that accelerated energy. The energy that is accompanying this shift makes this the perfect time to clean up your frequency and manifest consciously and clearly.

 Class info:
Open to Channeling 

Riding the wave of the Earth shift
Manifesting Consciously
A five-part series presented for your practical use by
Grace Cooley
Psychic, Channel, Ghost-Whisperer, Medium, Healer
There are no specific book(s) you need to read for these classes, although Grace will suggest related books you might like to read at some point. This series also includes energetic tune-ups for each participant to help facilitate 
your channeling success.
Wednesday nights - 6:30pm - 8:30pm in Fort Collins, CO
RSVP for location of classes and to reserve your spot – space is limited
Please be prepared to take all 5 classes, as they build on each other

"As Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we are all equipped to channel. Whether it’s healing energy we are channeling, past lifetimes, information from our guides, our pets, or those on the other side, the process is the same.
This series of classes will explore everything you need to know in order to respectfully,
safely and easily channel in your daily life." - Grace

Oct 17            Introduction and info: protection for self and environment and setting up a safe space for channeling
Oct 24            Self-Preparation: how to discover and change the unconscious beliefs that are creating your life
Oct 31            Self-Prep continued: getting your physical and spiritual bodies clean, clear and ready to channel - including past lives, meditation techniques, maintenance, chakras, healing self, talking to your body, (includes an energetic ‘tune-up’ for participants), etc.
Nov 7            Open to channeling: information/messages for others (in pairs); Abraham has agreed to help us out; we also have some other eager “Big-Leaguers” wanting to help us out; this is gonna be fun!

Nov 14         Channel for healing: heal others (in pairs); seeing inside bodies, chakras, etc.

$90 for all five classes, paid at the first class, or $20 per class each time
cooley.grace@gmail.com to reserve your spot

I hope you can join us. It is so much fun, and the information that is brought
forth from the other side is amazing!
-grace :)